“I like the slash, and I think I like it because I feel there are so many people who are under-represented—or not represented at all—in mainstream Hollywood entertainment. I really enjoy the fan fiction that embraces character and themes that showcase those people—their love, their desires, their passions.

“I think that’s really cool—and I hope the show as it continues embraces that more, because that’s an opportunity to tell stories that other people might not be familiar with. I mean, there’s slash of me and Ichabod… that’s like, ‘What?!’ and then I read it and it was really well-written.

“I get it—it’s another way to go but it’s no less valid than what we’re doing and it’s certainly interesting, so I really get a kick out of that. To read fan fiction and to see fan art and to watch other people’s artistry paint different colors on top of what we’re doing… how can you be mad at that? That’s just completely awesome!”

-Orlando Jones, on the question of slash fiction


Fuck this hyper-masculinized, repressed British white male bullshit- I gotta start watching Sleepy Hollow.

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Reblogging this again because I just love it so fucking much.

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Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.

At the start of the war Boy Scouts were also used. But it quickly became clear that Girl Guides were more efficient because they were less boisterous and talkative.

the boy scouts were too gossipy, so they used girl guides as spies instead this is probably the best day of my life

historicalagentcarter, although this would have been before Peggy’s time, maybe the experience of an aunt or even her mother in this program might have inspired her along her career path?

This is fantastic. If Peggy was born in 1919, her mother likely would have been too old to be a Girl Guide during the war, but I kind of love the idea of Peggy having an inspirational spy aunt. Maybe it’s a Carter family tradition?

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Animals in Complete Astonishment [imgur]

Previously: Animal Family Photos

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Wow, both of those are so pretty!

Thank you! I am spoiled by lovely lovely yarn, which makes my knitting look much better.



Two finished knitting projects! In terrible lighting, but oh well. Song of the Sea is done and so is Cornwall Coast. I want to make both of them again.

Oh, those are just GORGEOUS! <3

The cowl came out MUCH longer than I expected - I think another time I’d probably make it a full third shorter. But I do love the pattern.

Two finished knitting projects! In terrible lighting, but oh well. Song of the Sea is done and so is Cornwall Coast. I want to make both of them again.


Anonymous asked: So my girlfriend and I were discussing Lord of the Rings and Macbeth, as you do, and wondered - what if the big reveal about Macduff was actually a whole "I AM NO MAN" thing, in response to the "no man of woman born" prophecy? And the Macduffs were actually two women in a relationship, with children?



From what I recall, both “I AM NO MAN” and “Fangorn Forest is coming to Isengard” were both direct reactions to Tolkien being disappointed in the opportunities Shakespeare missed with Macbeth. So, basically, yes. Yes to everything.

I further posit: trans woman Macduff. Think about it. That is all.

I love everything about this.


reminder that if we’re in a mutual and you’re under the age of 18 and find it creepy or weird that i’m following you back as an adult then let me know and i’ll unfollow and it won’t need to be a big deal at all… like, please put your own safety and wellbeing first 

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Now *that’s* how you start a show.

Sweeney Todd 2014 Lincoln Center - The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd

Wow. That was not at all what I was expecting. How very fitting.